Mampara of the week: Johann Rupert

09 December 2018 - 00:00
By Hogarth
Johann Rupert.
Image: John Liebenberg Johann Rupert.


Growing up was very, very, very, VERY tough. Papa gave you lots of toys, but never quite enough. You once asked him to buy a place called Germany. But the old boy made you settle for Italy.

Then you wanted a little French ch√Ęteau. He told you to be happy with a mansion in Bordeaux. There was also the question of a superyacht.

Papa said: that kind of small change I have not got. Papa grew his money from making people smoke. Now they want their money back, what a joke! Folks make nasty jokes about your hefty chin. But when you're very rich, you never need be thin.

You met a guy called Biko and you two had a drink. It was then that you told him how he must think. Now these clever blacks buy buckets of champagne.

Don't they know luxury is the Rupert domain?