My City: Joburg - DJ Euphonik

07 August 2011 - 05:00 By Nikki Temkin
DJ Euphonik at the decks trying out a pair of earphones
DJ Euphonik at the decks trying out a pair of earphones
Image: Daniel Born

5FM's DJ chats about his junk food habit, passion for house music and being authentic

I am... A humorous go-getter.

Where were you born? Mpumalanga.

Where did you grow up? Benoni.

Where do you live? Westdene, Johannesburg

Who do you share your house with? Me, myself, I. I'm never home enough to look after pets.

How do you get around? In a white Mini Countryman.

How did you get into DJ'ing? In high school I wasn't a sporty, academic kind of guy and music was my getaway.

Describe your sound ... House but you can incorporate all other genres into it, hip hop, indie, jazz etc.

My favourite musicians are ... Swedish House Mafia. They are so innovative.

Your favourite local band is ... at the moment, GoodLuck.

What are you working on now? I'm busy with my third solo project called For the Love of House 3.

The best thing about being a DJ is ... getting to travel. Seeing new parts of the country and meeting different people.

My best gig ever was ... DJ Fresh and I did a party in Miami during the Winter Music Conference in March. It was rated one of best parties for that week. We played only local music and the crowd loved it.

The power of music ... will set you free.

Who would you like to collaborate with? Zonke, an amazing vocalist and writer, and The Swedish House Mafia.

The best lesson I have learnt is ... that you always need to be authentic.

What would people be surprised to know about you? That I'm quite shy and don't open up to people unless I know them.

How do you spend your free time? I watch movies, surf the net and chill with people I love, like my girlfriend.

How did you meet your girlfriend? At varsity where I was studying marketing management before I realised it was not for me and dropped out.

If you weren't doing what you do, you would be ... an unhappy marketing manager somewhere.

I'm predisposed to ... eating junk food.

My most valued possession is my mind.

What do you love most about living in Joburg? The vibe, the energy. It all happens in Joburg and things get done quickly and efficiently here.

If you were mayor for the day, what would you do? Clean up the city centre - it's filthy. And then do something about housing for people in Hillbrow.

What's the worst thing about living in Joburg? Life never slows down.

Your favourite building in Joburg is: A toss up between Ponte and Randlords in Braamfontein - the view is beautiful.

One of my life philosophies is: Do what you love, and money will follow you.

If you inherited R100-million, what would you do with it? Take R20-million and give it to my parents, keep 30 and give 50 to various charities. I would still carry on doing what I do.

What CDs are you playing? I listen to jazz and local African music like Stimela and Hugh Masekela.

When I go out at night ... I like to chill, maybe go to a small, intimate bar, watch a movie or take a drive.

I always collect ... property and flats that I renovate and rent. It keeps me from spending all my money.

You know you're in Joburg when? You get cut off by taxis and hawkers try to sell you stuff on the side of the road.

Everything in moderation but ... music.

Any advice for wannabe DJs? Do it because you love it, not because it looks cool.

I'd like my epitaph to say: Nothing.

Loves & Hates

Music: It's the ultimate getaway.

Radio: It challenges me because I need to be better at it.

My parents: I have seen from them that everything is possible.

My country: This is the best country in the world as far as opportunity and potential are concerned.

People around me: They inspire me.

DJ'ing for a large crowd : There's no better feeling.

Inconsiderate people.

Watching people live in poverty: It breaks my heart.

No service delivery: The government doesn't deliver on its promises.

Not enough time for myself and family: I'm a workaholic.

Toll roads: It's not fair.

Little Black Book

  • My studio at home
  • The Car Wash, Corlett Drive, 011 440 9836

I wash my car, cut my hair and eat there.

  • The Zone, Rosebank, 011 788 1130

I buy all my shoes there.

  • Musica, The Zone 011788 1087

They have a great selection.

  • Liquid Chefs, @The Zone, 0114476412

They have good cocktails and TV. I like to drink a Red Bull and vodka and hang out there.

  • Ghazal, Bryanston, 011 706 9826

This restaurant makes the best lamb curry.

  • The Pyramid Day Spa, Selby, 011 4935526

I go there for a massage and a sauna.