Marikana the musical hits the stage

10 October 2014 - 13:37 By Sizwe Ndingane

Aubrey Sekhabi's Marikana the Musical at the South African State Theatre repeats his earlier successes, giving its audience a taste of the tragedy of the events that took place during the Lonmin Platinum strike.

Under his belt are: Mantolo – The 10 Steps (2008); Kalushi – The Story of Solomon Mahlangu (2010) and The Rivonia Trial (2010). 

Sekhabi manages to take the past and incorporate it  into a current perspective leaving you with a thought or question mark regarding the future.

“Twenty years into South Africa’s constitutional democracy, how can we say that we are a peaceful, tolerant society if we can lose so many lives at our own hands?”

He managed to bring back the emotion that some of us only saw on TV and enabled the audience to sing along to songs that they have never heard or knew off before.

The musical gives you chance to understand the mining culture (with a bit of Mfana kalo here and there).