Listeners moved to help heartbroken caller featured on Bonang's #AskAMan radio segment

22 January 2016 - 15:19 By Times LIVE
Bonang Matheba hosts a segment on Metro FM called #AskAMan.
Bonang Matheba hosts a segment on Metro FM called #AskAMan.
Image: Via Metro FM Facebook

Radio listeners around the country were touched by the story of a woman who had hit rock bottom after her son died and her boyfriend had infected her with HIV.

The moving experience was relayed by an anonymous caller who contacted Bonang Matheba on Metro FM on Friday Morning.

Matheba hosts a segment called #AskAMan where callers with man related issues can call in and get advice from the two men who work with Matheba on the show.

The caller said she was going through a tough time and needed advice on how to deal with a situation in which she found out her boyfriend had been cheating on her with her friend for two years.

To add on to this, the boyfriend had infected her with HIV and she was getting ready to bury their son. The caller said her boyfriend did not seem to care that they had just lost a child and was instead blowing the cash (R16,000) needed for their son's funeral with her friend who is now pregnant with his child.

The heartbreaking story prompted an outpouring of assistance from Metro Fm's callers who sympathised with the caller. The distraught caller said she had contacted her boyfriend to find out about the casket for their son and he said he was spending the cash.

Support from social media also boosted the woman's plight as the hastag #Askaman was trending through the day.