Ex-R&B star talks about being changed after woman he physically abused married him

28 January 2016 - 13:40 By Times LIVE
Kyle and Marrika Norman on The Steve Harvey Show.
Kyle and Marrika Norman on The Steve Harvey Show.
Image: Screenshot from The Steve Harvey Show.

Former Jagged Edge singer Kyle Norman speaks out about being forgiven by the woman he physically abused and being a changed man.

Norman visited The Steve Harvey show with his wife, Marrika and the two were candid as they spoke about the aftermath of Kyle's actions and moving on from the horrific night he beat her.

Marrika suffered head injuries, memory loss and choked as Kyle shoved her engagement ring down her throat. After deciding to leave him, she changed her mind and went back to him. Marrika says her family disowned her as a result and she lost custody of her foster child.

“My marriage to Kyle cost me my career, it cost me relationships with my family and close friends, and of course my father. You know my father he has been in prison before, so when he got wind of this, it was just something that he couldn’t accept.  And when we talked, retaliating on Kyle was just one of those things where he was willing to go back to prison [for].

"I told my family I was not going to take Kyle back. So it was something that I hid, but I knew in my mind that I was still in love with Kyle. So they just don’t really deal with me because I took him back.”

Kyle said he had changed and wanted people to know he would never lay hands on his wife again.

“I just want our fans to know, that I’m Kyle. Kyle made a mistake. But I’ve got to continue to be a better person. We all seem to fall short of the glory of God. I’m human, you know. And whatever I have to do, I’m going to do it. And whatever I have to say, I’ma say it to speak out against domestic violence.”

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