Surtie-Richards curses robber who stole her necklace

31 January 2016 - 17:16 By Agency Staff
Shaleen   Surtie-Richards  at the Gold Reef
Shaleen Surtie-Richards at the Gold Reef
Image: Simon Mathebula

TV personality Shaleen Surtie-Richards on Sunday said that she hoped a Johannesburg robber who stole her necklace would have thousands of fleas invade his buttocks.

"May the fleas of thousands of donkeys infest his ass and may his hands be too short to scratch it – the pig!!!!! !!!!!,” said Surtie-Richards in a Facebook post, originally written in Afrikaans.

Surtie-Richards said that while travelling in dense traffic on Saturday, she had kept her window open due to the heat. A man had come up to the car and ripped the jewellery from her neck.

She said that when she saw the man coming, she had wanted to close the window, but then decided not to because she didn’t want him to think she thought he was a robber.

"I've learnt my lesson. That bastard has no clue what he has done to me."

The actress said she was most heartbroken over the loss of her parent’s wedding rings – which had been on the chain, along with a Kruger Rand.

"The rings were my most precious possessions," she posted.

"Today, it is probably lying in another dirty pawnshop."

Surtie-Richards said that she was lucky not to have been hurt in the incident.

God would have to forgive the man, the SA celebrity said.

Source: News24