5 Things AKA 'taught' us about him and Zinhle

28 May 2016 - 11:00 By TMG Entertainment

Rapper AKA went on a serious Twitter rant on Friday, airing the dirty laundry between him and his baby mama Zinhle for all the neighbours on Twitter to see. But what exactly did we learn from it all? Quite a bit actually...

AKA exposed a number of "secrets" about his relationship with Zinhle, including her relationship with his family and how the pair navigate the rough terrains of co-parenting.

1. They are not actually besties:

Sorry to disappoint you but it seems that AKA and Zinhle may not be the "good friends" Zinhle has been claiming in interviews. Ahhhh. Bummer.

2. She's colluded with all his enemies:

We are not sure who exactly is on AKA's list of enemies but AKA claims that Zinhle is working with each and everyone of them to bring him down.

3. He has to send emails if he wants to see Kairo:

Talking of meeting requests, apparently AKA has to set one up to visit his daughter Kairo. Not only has she apparently blocked all his numbers but he has to use that good old Gmail account to set up some quality time with his daughter. Who said co-parenting in the modern age of emails and technology would be easy?

4. He can't even get into the complex they once shared:

So once AKA has navigated the whole email thing, he then apparently has to get past security.

5. He says that his mom spends more time with Zinhle than him

AKA's says the biggest source of his pain is that his mom has a special relationship with Zinhle, which even he doesn't have.