Ntsiki Mazwai defends Bonang, weighs in on the AKA and DJ Zinhle saga

28 May 2016 - 17:31 By Times LIVE

Poet Ntsiki Mazwai has penned a blog and shared her opinion on AKA and DJ Zinhle's family issues , saying that it was AKA's choice to cheat and Bonang should not be blamed for it.

The outspoken poet took to her blog to express her thoughts on what is happening between Zinhle, AKA and Bonang after AKA aired the issues he had with the mother of his child on Twitter.

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"The last time I defended Bonang I had to deal with Euphonik …..but I'll tell you again….what you are doing to her is wrong and unfair.

I do not feel Bonang has shown me enough respect for me to even stand beside her, but when we allow such a horrible attack on another woman, it leaves a gap for ALL women to be horribly attacked.

The fact that AKA cheated on Zinhle is not Bonang’s problem. That issue is between AKA and Zinhle. We were never there….in fact we were abruptly introduced to their relationship and very soon afterwards Zinhle was pregnant. From the interviews I have read, Zinhle wanted to get pregnant and she planned this baby….with AKA. It was always Zinhle’s intention to have a baby with AKA. I think that was clear.

Even during that relationship Zinhle was the one posting about AKA….it was hardly the other way round, and quite frankly AKA did not seem excited. ( we have seen him look excited about Bonang- none of us can deny the fact that he is kinda obsessed with Bonang….hence Zinhle said that Bonang is dating a fan. Yes Zinhle we are aware of that. We saw her even buy him sneakers.

BUT…….let us be honest……Bonang did not cheat on Zinhle, AKA did. Which is why this situation is so weird. Why is everybody attacking Bonang???

People keep saying Bonang was Zinhle’s friend…..no hey guys….when Bonang has a tight industry friend, she flaunts them….like she did with Somizi. What we saw play out was just regular industry bullshit. This may come as a surprise to many of you, but industry people are generally jealous of each other. Lol. Bonang and Zinhle were never REAL friends, lets start there. However on the other hand AKA and Zinhle were LOVERS. If you need to be pissed off at anyone… it is AKA. Currently, you have made Bonang carry the backlash of the breakup of that relationship. If AKA wanted to be with Zinhle….he would be with Zinhle guys. Simple as that.

Ntsiki Mazwai via Instagram 

Ntsiki Mazwai

When Zinhle announced that Bonang stole her man, how amazing that the timing was precisely to dim Bonang's light. She waited until Bonang had a nice doccie and then lay down the news. That was calculating, and some of us saw right through that sis.

Not only that, but Zinhle created a blog that played on people’s emotions. Zinhle is a powerful woman and business woman but I do not know her as a writer. My alarm bells immediately went off when I read the blog and could not feel her essence in it. In other words, it is possible that some white media house was running that blog. They would edit her work and pay her just to create hype and make money. I apologise if I am wrong about this, but when a writer's voice is not the same as the actual writer….other writers can see it. Truth is, every blogger has a unique voice…..and when a voice is dressed up…..a trained eye can see.

This may not be obvious to her young fans, but those of us with eyes saw how she tried to get her fans to turn against Bonang. Power is about how you play it. Sister, we saw you use your power to try break down another sister while you tried to make your baby daddy look perfect….which he NEVER WAS!!!!!

If AKA has been such a good dad, then why is Zinhle using her fans to gang up on Bonang? What I thought was now wesser than wesgate was using the rift between AKA and his mom. Whatever their relationship is, AKA’s mom will ALWAYS be his mom. No matter how fucked up AKA is acting, his mom will always be his mom. To take advantage of their beef for personal gain is beyond beyond sisi……you should be the one trying to bring them together. Yes, AKA needs to grow the fuck up and take care of his child….but you do not need to try and take over his space. That is his mom. You are being ugly babes.

I was amazed when Zinhle announced AKA as her baby daddy, in fact I even questioned it on twitter and got into trouble. AKA was not ready to be a dad. It was clear as day…..even before they had the child. At some point Zinhle needs to own up to the fact that her fairytale did not work out. There are many women whose fairytales did not work out….it does not make her a failure. AKA is the dick here. But AKA is only the dick when Zinhle STOPS trying to drag Bonang down to her level of sadness.

What is happening here is not right. Not on any level.

I keep seeing her fans say that she is so mature and strong…..but guys, mature people do not bring their business to twitter (I should know this, I have been immature MANY times) and strong women do not gang up on other women.

Just because a person is pretty and puts on nice make up it does not mean that person can’t be mean.

Zinhle should have left us to come to our own conclusions about Bonang……she should have NEVER orchestrated a situation where everyone is ganging up on the woman who her man CHOSE!