Janez Vermeiren: I thought I had paralyzed my own son

20 June 2016 - 17:29 By TMG Entertainment

TV star Janez Vermeiren's two-year-old son was involved in a freak accident, which left the star fearing the worst and living any parents worst nightmare.

Taking to social media, Janez revealed how he and Vincent were jumping on the trampoline together, when he accidentally double bounced lil Vincent causing him to land on his head.


"To all parents trampolines can be very dangerous, please watch out! On Saturday I was jumping around with my 2yr old son. I accidentally double bounced him which resulted in Vincent landing on his head and bending his neck backwards. I thought I had paralyzed my own son," Janez said.


The TV star, who was in an absolute panic, rushed the toddler to the hospital for an immediate neck and brain scan, and is grateful that everything was okay.

"Devastated I rushed him to hospital for a neck and brain scan. Thankfully all was ok but it could have been very different. I have learnt such a valuable lesson and thank God for looking out for us. Father's Day was almost my worst nightmare."