Kelly Khumalo comes clean on drug addiction

27 June 2016 - 11:00
By Kyle Zeeman

Kelly Khumalo has a well-known history of substance abuse. And while she has always been quite open about her addiction, she has revealed striking new details about it- including how she would sometimes "go to church high."

Speaking to Sizwe Dhlomo in a gripping tell-all interview on MTV's Behind The Story: Kelly Khumalo on Friday afternoon, the songstress explained that her drug addiction began during her romance with Molemo "Jub Jub" Maarohanye.

A romance that threatened to explode at any point and left her feeling like a shadow of her former self.

"I became a drug addict"

“I became a drug addict. Those are the repercussions of having money when you are young and not knowing what to do with it. I was in a bad space. I was in a bad relationship. I was not motivated at all. In fact, I became so hooked on drugs and I would forget about everything," she said.


Kelly says it was the company she kept and the desire to hold onto love that got her hooked on drugs.

“It’s the company you keep. When you're young, you want to be in with the cool kids and one thing leads to another. I am also a love addict and so when I am in love there is no telling how far I will go, to the point that the boyfriend was a druggie so it was easy for me to get into drugs to keep him with me,” she said.

Kelly felt she would never have to experience the pain of having an addicted partner disappear for days, if they were both on drugs and always getting high together.

But that came with its own pitfalls, and soon the pair were making headlines for their seemingly reckless and abusive lifestyle. A lifestyle that Kelly denies she played a major part in it.

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"I have never been the one to behave reckless. Anything that I did was in my house, I took drugs in the comfort of my home. I will never feel any guilt where Molemo (Jub Jub)  is concerned,” Kelly said."

"I could not see that it was happening"

And while she thought she had contained her substance use, it quickly spiralled out of control.

"I wouldn't go home as often as I used to because I wanted to hide the person I was becoming...I let go of everyone that would know that something is wrong with me."

She revealed that she started missing shoots and would often go to shows late.

"I wasn't strong enough to be on stage. My craft requires a lot of energy which I did not have at that time. I knew that things were not going well," she added.

Kelly admitted to having "wasted quite a lot of money" on her addiction and even lost one of her homes because she could not pay her debts.

"I was balling. I was really balling and I could not see that it was happening and yet it was happening," Kelly said.

"I would go to church high"

Growing up a devout Christian, Kelly said that she never knew about drugs growing up but when she became hooked on cocaine she would often attend religious services high.

“Dude, I would go to church high," she admitted.

But by the time Jub Jub was convicted of culpable homicide in 2012, their relationship was all but over and Kelly was on her way to overcoming her addiction.

All the while, resenting the abuse and drug-filled life she had left behind.