Selena Gomez’s social media posts worth a whopping 500,000 dollars each- reports

22 July 2016 - 16:56 By TMG Entertainment

It is being reported by various US publications that Selena Gomez could earn up to $500,000 for a single sponsored social media post.

AdWeek reports that according to data released by D'Marie Analytics, Selena is currently considered to be one of the most influential celebrities with a reach of 200 million followers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

According to the stats Selena could charge brands a whopping $500,000 for a post, which has reportedly increased incredibly from 2015.

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In December last year Selena's posts were apparently valued at $230,000.

Speaking to the US publication, Frank Spadafora CEO of  the data measurement company explained how the amount has been calculated.


"The rate-per-post is her 'ad equivalent' value per post across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This may be different than how much she is actually getting paid when participating in social media campaigns. That is up to negotiations between her agents and the brands,” he explained.

Apparently an algorithm is used to measure the monetary value a post has by looking at factors such as the number of followers, engagement, and the potential to get sales out of the post.