Paris Hilton gushes over Black Coffee

26 July 2016 - 14:06 By TMG Entertainment

Can someone please add Paris Hilton to the long list of Hollywood stars that have fallen in love with SA DJ Black Coffee?

The actress is now a DJ, with a residency in Ibiza, and was in attendance on Monday night for Black Coffee's performance at the prestigious DC 10 nightclub.

And, like other Hollywood celebs before her, it didn't take the star long to fall in love with our Black Coffee.

She took to Snapchat to post videos of the DJ's set, while gushing over him.

The DJ responded to the love by re-posting the snaps and thanking Paris.

Paris is the latest in a series of celebrities who have declared their love for Black Coffee.

Besides being besties with US mogul P.Diddy, Black Coffee has received praise from award-winning mega producer Swizz Beatz and actor Terry Crews in recent months, with Terry even declaring himself the DJ's "biggest fan".