Skeem Saam star Cornet Mamabolo is passionate about education

08 August 2016 - 09:00 By TMG Entertainment

Popular Skeem Saam actor Cornet Mamabolo has opened up about his passion for education, claiming that is the driving force behind is non-profit organisation The Cornet M Foundation.

Speaking to Move, Cornet revealed that the realisation that most of his peers from Limpopo are high school dropouts, inspired him to establish his foundation.

"The reason I started this foundation was because I wanted to give back to society," he told the local publication.

"I realised that a lot of my peers back home are left behind. Most of them are high school dropouts."

Through the foundation, Cornet has a library campaign which urges people to donate books.

"We started by approaching institutions for funding, but none of them came forward, so now we go to individuals and ask for books.

"Our aim is to collect books that are worth 1.3 million," he said, adding that he also looking to open learning centres.

According to the foundation's facebook page, Cornet and his team also engage in a number of motivational tours in schools throughout the country.