Black Coffee's son follows in his daddy's footsteps

10 August 2016 - 10:00 By TMG Entertainment

Black Coffee's eldest son, Esona, appears to have taken after his dad, if the award-winning DJ's recent Instagram post is anything to go by.

Black Coffee with eldest son, Esona
Black Coffee with eldest son, Esona
Image: Black Coffee via Instagram

Black Coffee shared a screenshot of a conversation he was having with Esona, who had messaged him to tell him that he, alongside a friend, got paid after playing a set at an event, for the second time.


"Got paid for our second performance last night," Esona wrote to his dad.

"R500 and we split. We got to play what we wanted," he added, before admitting to Black Coffee that their set didn't go on without any flaws.

In response, a chuffed Black Coffee appeared to have been proud of his son, but also advised him to invest his payment into his music, before revealing to him that he only started getting paid for gigs on his second year of DJ'ing.


"Well done. Hope you invest your money back in your music," he wrote back to Esona, according to the screengrab.

"Never got paid for my second gig, in fact, I only started getting paid on the second year. Well done to you and your mate."