Crossing all borders: Nasty C and Buffalo Souljah bring heat to the Coke Studio

05 September 2016 - 09:00 By TMG Entertainment
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The second episode of Coke Studio not only brought two African countries together, but also saw two musicians from opposing sides of the musical spectrum get together to create an overwhelmingly impressive track.

While it was hardly any secret that trap king Nasty C and dancehall artist Buffalo Souljah would create magic when put together in studio, it was rather surprising how they insisted on putting forward their vastly different backgrounds and personalities to come up with a rare and new sound, Dancehall Trap, on the most recent episode of Coke Studio.

There was some talk that their egos would come in the way and it would not work out, given that they both boast chart topping songs under their belts. But thankfully, that was hardly the case.

With the help of hot producer Gemini Major, who has worked with both artists on separate projects before, the duo were able to bring South Africa and Zimbabwe together into a hit track, titled We Belong, which reflects their individualistic styles and a few afro-jazz string elements.

Speaking to TMG Entertainment in the Coke Studio, Nasty C revealed that the session was "organic," because it fused three people that really love working.

"As soon as I got here, it was so organic. The song got done in like a couple of hours. We had to come back and do final touches, but the song was done quick."

The boys' collaboration wasn’t the only fusion which saw different worlds colliding to light up the Coke Studio.

Rising kwaito star from Durban  Dr. Bone was paired with Jozi-born singer and songwriter Ashlinn Gray. Despite having gone through some creative challenges at first, the two soon hit off with a few lyrics and melodies.

While their producer, Sketchy Bongo was not at all initially impressed after their brainstorming session, a few minutes of going out to look for inspiration is all that was needed to give him the fire to bring heat to the studio and create a powerful cross genre track, Need Your Love.


Coke Studio airs on Saturdays,, 6:05pm.

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