They made us feel uncomfortable and unwelcome, says Jack Parow of SABC concert

13 September 2016 - 13:26 By TMG Entertainment

The controversy around the Thank You SABC concert refuses to go away with local musician Jack Parow hitting out at organisers of the show.

Image: via Instagram

In a detailed post on Instagram, the musician explained how he arrived at the event and felt "unwelcome".

"We couldn't get on stage to play and after more than an hour of trying we left. No one knew what was going on and made us feel so uncomfortable & unwelcome & basically like we shouldn't be there."

Speaking to TMG Entertainment, his manager Wynand Myburgh said that Parow and his team eventually got paid two thirds of their full performance amount and made the decision to attend the concert.


Last week they had said that they would not be performing as they had not been paid. But money was eventually put into their account.

"We normally ask for the full amount prior to a performance - that's an industry standard. But we were in Joburg anyway for another concert and made the decision to attend."

But Myburgh has slammed the organisation of the concert, saying that no-one could tell them where to park, what time they would be performing and for how long.

"Everybody had their phones off. No one could be contacted and Jack and his team were in an awkward position. Eventually they got backstage and when asked how long they would perform for, Jack said he normally does a 45 minute set. They were told that that wouldn't be possible," says Myburgh.


Jack went on to lambaste the show, saying that organisers begged him to go even though his full fee had not been paid.

"We came all the way & trusted your word after everyone else pulled out & u begged us to still come. We are thankfull for all you do for local music #sabc , but come on. Kak swak my bru."

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<p ="">Other artists billed to be at the event told TMG Entertainment last week that they would not be performing as they had not been paid.</p><p ="">The concert became a laughing stock online with pictures of an empty stadium doing the rounds after promoters said that they were expecting a crowd of 20 000.</p>