The cost of having Somizi as your dad? Over R2 million rand, apparently

01 June 2017 - 10:52 By TshisaLIVE
Image: Somizi Instagram

Somizi is all about sharing the expensive life with those closest to him, and told his daughter that she would have to spend over two million rand to pay him back for the things he had done for her.

Somizi's super popular reality show once again lit up screens on Wednesday evening, with his army of fans flooding social media with hilarious memes and jokes about the episode.

And while Somizi's antics had everyone in stitches from the moment the show started, there was one moment that nearly put Twitter in a coma.

Every child knows that he or she is indebted to their parents, our Somgaga decided to put a price on his parental responsibilities.

He told his daughter that she would have to pay over two million rand if she started to repay him for being her dad! Eish, what a bill!


While some were caught up on the numbers, other users were poking fun at Somizi's debacle with Zahara. They posted memes and comments about how the Loliwe hitmaker was watching the show to figure out how much to sue Somizi for. Class!