OPW groom's 'R18 to plan a wedding' leaves Twitter confused

31 July 2017 - 10:49 By TshisaLIVE
Boikanyo and Maria's wedding was their perfect wedding.
Boikanyo and Maria's wedding was their perfect wedding.
Image: Via Mzansi Magic Twitter

Twitter was taught a thing or two about having faith, as pastor Boikanyo shared that when he decided to get married, he had R18,00 in his account but continued to plan the wedding because he had faith.

When pastor Boikanyo met Maria he left with the feeling that he had met 'the one', now the pair have tied the knot with the whole nation watching on OPW.

Twitter was left wondering if the couple had their own 'special' vocabulary as their vows included phrases like 'you're my night lunch'. 

Despite the confusing concepts that the pastor used to describe his love in his vows, Twitter was also confused how it was possible to only have 60 guests at their wedding, when you are a pastor and the location is a 'kasi' (township).

As per usual practice... the memes flowed in: