Zodwa Wabantu wants to meet Robert Mugabe

01 August 2017 - 07:00 By Nhlalo Ndaba
Zodwa outside her Club Connect gig
Zodwa outside her Club Connect gig
Image: Courtesy Club Connect

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe has an unlikely admirer in Zodwa Wabantu, who before arrival in the country, was scared of being deported.

Zodwa said before she made the trip to Zimbabwe some fans warned her to "behave" because that country's president is a strict man.

"They were telling me that Mugabe does not allow nonsense. And as a result I would not be allowed into Zimbabwe because I am too sexy. Some feel I will be half naked and that he (Mugabe) knows that I don't wear panties," she told local journalists.

Having arrived with nothing but a celebrity welcome at the Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Airport, Zodwa felt "at home."

"I would love to meet Mugabe if given a chance," she said.

A local socialite paid US$2 500 (R32 500) to secure the VVIP booth at Club Connect where he and his entourage had exclusive access to Zodwa. 

"I don't live a fake life. This is me: I am not expensive. I am a "kasi" person. I love you all. God gave me this body and I am using it," she said to cheer

The entertainer became the talk of town for her skimpy outfits as an employee at Eyadini Lounge in Umlazi. She raised eyebrows at the Durban July for wearing a revealing dress but said she had little worry over what people thought of her and her love for wearing no underwear.