Complain about Nkandla before my R130m house, says Trevor Noah

08 August 2017 - 07:28 By TshisaLIVE
Trevor Noah is back in SA and has taken the time to put his R130m into "perspective".
Trevor Noah is back in SA and has taken the time to put his R130m into "perspective".

Comedian Trevor Noah is back in SA and he's already hard at work clarifying a few issues that South Africans had while he was in the States, such as addressing the backlash he received after buying his R130-million New York apartment.

Trevor, who is back in South Africa to do a couple of shows, spoke to the Fresh Breakfast team about living in America and how buying the multi-million apartment was not as "big" a deal as Twitter made it.

"I was just like, it's funny that people are worried about a house I bought with my own money, when our president is buying houses with our money but people are keeping quiet about that one. So, I tell people I bought two houses, one in Nkandla and one in New York" he said.

Trevor explained that he earned in a different currency, which he said people tend to ignore when looking at how much he spent on his house. He said the difference between rands and dollars went a long way and that his apartment was "low end".

"In New York I don't have an expensive house. No one bats an eyelid about my house," he said.

The Daily Show host  bought himself an apartment in Manhattan for over R130-million earlier this year. Twitter was split with some congratulating Trevor while many others criticised the comedian for "splurging". 

Here's American estate agent Brian Lewis giving a short tour of an apartment in the same building as Trevor's pad.