Major League reflects on 'struggle' to fit in as kids in SA

08 August 2017 - 13:20 By TshisaLIVE
Major League DJz struggled to 'fit in' when they moved back to Mzansi.
Major League DJz struggled to 'fit in' when they moved back to Mzansi.

Popular DJs Major League has described relocating from the States to SA as kids as a culture shock and a struggle to fit in, explaining that it is also the reason that they don't speak any vernac languages. 

During an interview on Real Talk with Anele, twins Bandile and Banele Mbere said they weren't used to the cultural changes when they moved to SA. 

"We struggled to fit it. Not necessary at school because we went to English schools. But with family things, it was a struggle. Like if someone had to pass away and there was a msebenzi (traditional rituals) or something, it was hard. Now you have to kiss all these grannies, it was weird and hectic. We weren't used to it. Or going to the villages, only to find that there is no [proper] bathroom, instead they had the long drop toilets," they explained.

The twins shared that as they had to quickly grasp both Zulu and Xhosa because when their parents were angry they would revert to vernacular languages.

They admitted however that to date they don't speak either fluently because they were laughed at when they attempted to speak.

"As time went by we got used to it, and we started to understand the language. We are just not comfortable speaking the languages because we would get laughed at, when we tried. So I understand and I can relate but I don't speak Xhosa or Zulu. We can also reply with some words," they said.

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