'He loved me effortlessly' - Simphiwe Ngema's emotional final farewell to Dumi Masilela

12 August 2017 - 11:34 By Karishma Thakurdin
Simphiwe Ngema paid an emotional tribute to Dumi Masilela.
Simphiwe Ngema paid an emotional tribute to Dumi Masilela.

Dumi Masilela's widow and actress, Simphiwe Ngema's took to the stage to pay emotional tribute to her husband. 

After singing a worship song in his honour, Simz poured her heart out about the love they shared. 

"One of Dumi's talents was loving me effortlessly and so truly. I always say that not a lot of people get to experience what I experienced, people long for that love," she said. 

Simphiwe said that she knew it was unusual for a wife to speak at her husband's funeral. 

"I know it is not a norm for a wife to stand up and speak at her husband's funeral, but hey guess what, neither is losing your husband two months after your marriage," she said. 

Simphiwe said that Dumi told her he was so sorry at the hospital. 

"He didn't look like he was going to pass on, he looked so strong. I told him, 'you're the one who is hurting and you are saying sorry to me.' 

She said that Dumi had amazing strength that he got from God and his mother. "I feel like he has given me all his strength," she said. 

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