Bontle Modiselle is protective of her sister Refilwe

16 August 2017 - 09:00 By TshisaLIVE
The Modiselle sisters Candice, Bontle and Refilwe
The Modiselle sisters Candice, Bontle and Refilwe
Image: Via Instagram

Television presenter Bontle Modiselle, who completes the trio of the famous Modiselle sisters with actress Candice and model Refilwe, has opened up about learning to protect her sister from people with negative perceptions of albinism.

Speaking to the Fresh Breakfast team, the choreographer reflected on how they learned to love and protect their sister, model Refilwe who has Albinism, and how her "fire" taught them courage in return.

"Often people with albinism have a problem with their eyes, so sometimes we have to be her eyes for her. There are things that I am glad that my sister didn't see that I saw on her behalf. There are things that we heard and we do anything and everything in our power to protect her. But if you know my sister, she is fire and she is feisty," she said.

The Club 808 presenter explained that their mother raised them to love each other without terms or conditions so there was never an issue. 

She said that they never saw her as different and that from a young age they picked up that it was actually "outside" people wanted them to be uncomfortable.

"My older Refilwe has albinism but for me, the way mama raised us, she loved us equally and unconditionally. There was no significant difference between her kids, so we never knew that there was a problem with her. She was extremely light skin and we loved playing with her skin. I think people out there made it a problem and they wanted it to be uncomfortable for us, but it wasn't," she said.