AKA and Anatii detail the lifestyle changes behind the making of BCWYWF

23 August 2017 - 13:43 By TshisaLIVE
Rappers AKA and Anatii put a lot of effort into making the BCWYWF album
Rappers AKA and Anatii put a lot of effort into making the BCWYWF album
Image: Via Twitter

After receiving mixed reactions with their "spirituality" inspired album Be Careful What You Wish For (BCWYWF) the pair have revealed that the lyrics on the album are inspired by real life events. 

The two artists spoke to Slikour on Slikour On Life about the process that went into making music for the album that has heavy "spiritual" references with songs like Jesus Plug and Angelz. 

"I'm actually way more hardcore behind the scenes, in terms of how strict I am with health, how I am always telling my mates things like this is not just a vibe, don't eat red meat, don't process all these [artificial] and stuff like that. That's what real private life is about, I am all about becoming a better person everyday, it's not a front," Anatii said.

The pair said that through the lyrics they tried to express real life issues such as the downfall of having an ego.  

"The deeper meaning behind that line is that I am not validated by material things. I love nice things, but my character and the things that I enjoy are not things like watches and cars and things like that. I enjoy giving people an opportunity to better themselves," AKA said.

Anatii and AKA explained that with the "new" focus on money and material things in SA hip-hop, they were pushing for music with authentic meaning.

"It just comes naturally. I don't really overthink. It is all about what resonates with me on a personal level; sonically, visually, creatively and met-physically," Anatii explained.