Fulu Mugovhani's theatre troubles: 'I just can't seem to get any roles'

04 September 2017 - 15:41 By Kyle Zeeman
Fulu Mugovhani would love the chance to return to theatre.
Fulu Mugovhani would love the chance to return to theatre.
Image: Via Fulu's Instagram

Fulu Mugovhani may have burst into the spotlight with a theatre role as Nala in The Lion King but the star said it has proven difficult to go back.

The former Scandal! actress is currently light up screens with a role on popular Mzansi Magic drama series Ring of Lies and told TshisaLIVE  she would relish the chance of returning to theatre if she could just get a role.

"The funny thing is I started off in theatre but I have gone to several auditions for theatre roles and I just can't seem to get any roles. I don't understand why," she said. 

Fulu said she was drawn to the art of theatre acting and would love to either produce or act in a play centered around the Venda traditions she was taught.  

"I would love to tell the stories that were shared with me by my family members when I was small. The play would be entirely in Venda so that it carries the full value of the stories. I don't think that language would be a problem because the beautiful thing about theatre is that it touches your soul, and then your ears. It would be an amazing project," Fulu said.  

Speaking about the transition from stage to screen, Fulu revealed that she struggled at first because directors would think she was a little too loud.

"I would often project my voice like I was on stage and the director would tell me to lower my voice. It took some getting used to but I adapted to it eventually. Perhaps the opposite has happened and I've forgotten how to speak for theatre," she said, jokingly.