New queen? Skolopad is not threatened by Zodwa Wabantu

05 September 2017 - 13:48 By TshisaLIVE
Skolopad says that Zodwa Wabantu's team should be careful to protect the star's brand.
Skolopad says that Zodwa Wabantu's team should be careful to protect the star's brand.
Image: Via Skolopad's Instagram

Entertainer and musician Nonhlanhla 'Skolopad' Qwabe is not concerned by Zodwa Wabantu's fame or the possibility that she could steal her spotlight, explaining that the pair are different entertainers.

Zodwa captured the attention of the nation at the Durban July in a similar way to how Skolopad burst onto the scene with a racy yellow outfit at the Metro FM Music Awards earlier in the year.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, Skolopad said she loved Zodwa and did not see her as competition.

"I love Zodwa with all of my heart and I invited her to my birthday, she said she was extremely busy to attend. I am not threatened by her because I sing and dance and she only dances. We can't share the same stage cause we don't do the same things. I think she could be a hit if she was an MC for events and after entertaining people call me to do my thing," Skolopad said.

Zodwa, like Skolopad, got tongues wagging with her revealing outfits and revealed that she was advised to cover up so that she could protect her brand.

"People came in large numbers to my shows to see the tattoo on my bum and they didn't focus on my talent. I was advised to cover my body and to protect my brand," Skolopad said.

As the debate around Zodwa's apparent banning from the Harare International Carnival rages on,  Skolopad said similar advice would help the star before her brand too was tarnished.

"I support Zodwa all the way, Zimbabwe was not supposed to ban her but to advise her on which dress she should wear for the event," Skolopad added.

Zimbabwean officials cancelled a scheduled performance by Zodwa at the Harare International Festival recently after a complaint by local actress Anne Nhira.

Anne questioned why a South African was being used to perform when there were many young Zimbabweans who were working hard and were more than capable of doing the same job.  Zodwa responded by lambasting the actress and accusing her of dividing the continent.