'I hate side chicks because they are all disrespectful' - Diski Diva's Sibongile Masuku

14 September 2017 - 08:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Reality star Sibongile Masuku can't stand side chicks and she won't hide it.
Reality star Sibongile Masuku can't stand side chicks and she won't hide it.
Image: Xan Dookey

Bloemfontein Celtic player Khethokwakhe Masuku's wife, Sibongile Masuku has revealed the reasons behind her high intolerance for side chicks, explaining that she found them incredibly disrespectful.  

The Diski Diva's star slams side chicks passionately during every episode of the show and has no plans to stop. 

"Firstly, these people are inconsiderate. I mean we are all women after all. Why are you doing things with a man that is taken and still have the audacity to take your phone and call his wife or take pictures and things like that? I am not saying men are innocent but we as women must always think of each other. So I don't like side chicks, in fact I hate side chicks because they are all disrespectful," she said. 

Sibongile refused to comment on whether her intolerance of side chicks came from a personal experience, however it was one of the reasons she agreed to the reality show. 

She said that she wanted to represent wives who were often too afraid to speak out and give "abused" soccer players' wives a voice. 

Sibongile added that it was about time women stopped hurting each other, and cut the "lame excuses". 

"Another thing that annoys me is they all come forward with the same lame excuses, like ‘I didn’t know he was married’ which are an obvious lies. We live in a world where Google and social media are available with ready information. And, all these side chicks have the same mentality. They are just full of lies," she said.