Bonang Matheba: I hit rock bottom in 2012

18 September 2017 - 08:00
By TshisaLIVE
Bonang said she doesn't know how she survived 2012.
Bonang said she doesn't know how she survived 2012.

Bonang Matheba has opened up about a tumultuous 2012 - the year she laid assault charges against her then boyfriend, Euphonik and later dropped them after the couple reconciled.

In the relaunch of her book, Bonang From A to B, Bonang writes about hitting rock bottom in that period.

"Sometimes you can be going through the best and the worst times, all at the same time, and that's what 2012 was for me, because a part of my personal life was falling apart, while the best part of my career was falling into place."

Without mentioning any names Bonang said that 2012 almost destroyed her and she never anticipated how she would be treated.

"I never anticipated how badly I would be treated when the story of my break-up was leaked. It was one of the most painful experiences and sometimes I am not sure how I survived."

In the first version of the book, which was recalled because of grammatical and factual errors, she mentioned her former bestie Somizi and made reference to Euphonik.

Both sent her legal letters demanding that she remove any reference to them.

The new version of the book has excluded them, however, it is clear that when Bonang speaks about 2012 it is in reference to her relationship with Euphonik.

"I was embarrassed, humiliated and ill-prepared in how to deal with my very first scandal. To this day I am called a liar."

After she dropped the charges, people accused her of lying about the incident. At the same time, Euphonik has maintained his innocence, yet is still called an abuser.