Thickleeyonce gets international applause for stand against body shaming

21 September 2017 - 14:08 By Chrizelda Kekana
Photographer and model Thickleeyonce's gets recognition for strong views.
Photographer and model Thickleeyonce's gets recognition for strong views.
Image: Via Instagram

Photographer and plus-size women's activist Lesego Legobane, popularly known as, Thickleeyonce, caught the attention of international media and celebrities for her fierce and no-nonsense stance against body shaming. 

The photographer topped social media trends list on Wednesday night, when she tackled a person on Twitter who compared her to famous model, Joelle Kayembe. 

The person shared a picture of Joelle in a bikini alongside one of Thickleeyonce. "Girls that I like vs girls that like me," read the tweet. 

Thickleeyonce's response was brief yet sharp. "I don't like you," she said. 

The exchange soon went viral with the likes of US rapper Nicki Minaj and singer, Ariana Grande liking Thickleeyonce's response. 

Soon after Thickleeyonce got requests for interviews from the New York Times, BET and Teen Vogue, which she conducted during the wee hours of Thursday morning. 

"I am overwhelmed because I do this every day. On the one day, where I was genuinely not in the mood to fight, where I just wrote a simple reply to a guy that was trying to be relevant using my picture then 'bam!' it blows up," she said.

The model said that she would use the opportunity to share what she stoods for with an international audience. 

"I'm all about positivity and self-love and it took a lot for me to get where I am. I celebrate who I am and how I am daily and people often don't understand. It's important that we all stand up against societal standards of beauty and understand that we are all beautiful in our own ways," she said.