Dash ready to take his career to the next level with new TV gig

13 October 2017 - 07:00 By TshisaLIVE
Dash has a brand new show.
Dash has a brand new show.
Image: Via Dash's Instagram

Dreamteam musician Mthoko "Dash" Mkhathini is ready to take his career in a "slightly more serious" direction as he once again steps into the spotlight as a new host on Mzansi Magic's popular lifestyle show All Access Mzansi.

As TshisaLIVE  congratulated Dash on his new role, he cheekily interupted with "and you should congratulate All Access for getting me".

Dash may have been joking but the star is certainly not wrong. He has come a long way from making music for fun in his hometown of eNtuzuma in KwaZulu-Natal and is one of the hottest properties in the South African entertainment industry at the moment.

"It took a bit of negotiations between us because I was very specific about what I wanted from a TV show, based on my experiences previously, and I wanted to make sure that this decision fit my brand. What really appealed to me is that we are now location based because I love being around people," he said.

The star strengthened his TV credentials as a host on Vuzu Amp's V-Entertainment before a relaunch of the show saw him cut from the roster. He said the decision was mutual as he wanted to move in a different direction to the show.

"I am grateful for the opportunity given to me and I left with no hard feelings towards anybody. I learnt a lot from it and for every door that closes a window gets opened," he added.

Although Dash was excited to return to screens, he revealed that he had no plans to move into TV acting.

"Film is the only form of acting I would consider going into. I don't like TV much because I feel like the calibre of local TV shows could be improved dramatically. I think the SA  film industry is great and I would love to move into that space. I have been in negotiations for some projects but until I find the right one, I am going to wait and focus on other things," he said.

It is all part of Dash's plan to dominate screens as his group Dreamteam have dominated the music charts. He admits that juggling a growing TV career with the demands of music has led to many late nights and early mornings, but said he was grateful for the support of his fellow Dreamteam group members Lusaso "Saso" Ngcobo and Trevor "Trey" Sineke.

"We all have our own solo projects but we all support each other. That is why we can do our own thing and still know that Dreamteam will be together. There is no chance of us breaking up because we are a family," he said.

The group even moved to Johannesburg together to further their careers - a move he says was difficult.

"The move had its challenges and even when we got to Johannesburg my career seemed to be taking off while the group was kind of still in the same space. But the guys were incredible and encouraged me to take every opportunity. At the end of the day, I represent Dreamteam," he said.