Riky Rick addresses fans' ‘daylight robbery' anger

30 October 2017 - 10:52 By TshisaLIVE
Riky Rick took to Twitter to address the hate he received over his new EP.
Riky Rick took to Twitter to address the hate he received over his new EP.
Image: Via social media

Riky Ricky schooled his social media haters this past weekend after they dragged the rapper over his latest EP, claiming that he was robbing them by only releasing an "album"  with eight tracks on it.

Riky released the official tracklist for his Stay Shining EP on Sunday and within hours was flooded with messages from fans, many complaining about the number of tracks on the project.

Eventually the complaints got too much for Riky, who took to Twitter to give his haters some education.

"When people don't understand something, they will always choose to attack it before doing the research. Shake my head. How did negativity win?" he tweeted, next to a screenshot explaining the difference between an album and an EP.

Announcing the project earlier this month, Riky said it was dedicated to all the fans who supported him through a turbulent 2017 which saw him leave his record label Mabala Noise under a cloud.

"This project is for all the fans who have supported me through all the ups and downs this year. All the people who have been by my side, cheering me on and inspiring me to keep going in times where I feel like burying my head in the sand.

"If it wasn’t for people like you I would’ve given up on this dream long time ago but you hold me up firm and for that I am forever grateful," he said, before announcing the release of a new album next year which he hinted may be his last.

It will be his first major release since his 2015 debut album Family Values.