WATCH: Here's how Thomas Gumede & Matli M 'splurge millions' in new film

01 November 2017 - 15:18
By Kyle Zeeman
Thomas Gumede and Matli Mohapeloa star in Abafana Ababi.
Thomas Gumede and Matli Mohapeloa star in Abafana Ababi.

It's the age old question: If you wake up a millionaire, how would you spend your cash?

While some may invest their fortune, the internet has taught us that many millennials  would most likely splurge it on crazy parties and flashy rides. Kind of like Thomas Gumede and Matli Mohapeloa's characters in a new film, which aims to hit cinemas  in the next few years.

A hilarious trailer for the film Abafana Ababi was released on social media this week to excitement from fans. In the trailer, Thomas and Matli are seen driving a Ferrari after stealing a fortune but are suddenly chased by police.

But how did they spend the cash?

Here's just a few ways:

Rolling around in a Ferrari

Hang out with their MK veteran friends

Eating ribs off models

Popping bottles in the club

Making it rain in the hood

The film is a collaboration project between Joziwood Films and Parental Advisory Productions.

The film's director and producer, Ziggy Hofmeyr told TshisaLIVE the film was currently in concept stage and was being pitched to possible donors, sponsors and investors for financing.

"We decided not to go the crowdfunding route but to follow traditional channels of meeting with distributors and sponsors to get funding. We did the same thing with our recent film Pop, Lock n Roll and that took three years to get funding. Films generally cost nothing less than R7-million and action films could be double that. If we find the right financing we can release it within a year," he said.

Thomas was far more optimistic about the film, saying it would hit cinemas by the end of next year.

"This is definitely making it to screens, we will make sure of it. When I commit to a project I see it through and that's what will happen with this one. It's going to rock," he said.

He explained that the film was like US film Bad Boys, with a South African satirical twist. 

"We just trying to make a film we really loved growing up, the classic action comedy, you know the kind where the cops chase the guys, but imagine if it was in South Africa with our police force. We are having fun with this film and I think it shows," he said. 

Check out the trailer for the film below: