Being Skolopad is endangering my life, says controversial star

02 November 2017 - 11:52
By TshisaLIVE
Entertainer Skolopad says her
Image: Via Instagram Entertainer Skolopad says her "fame" is putting her life in danger.

Entertainer Skolopad claims to be fearing for her safety after allegedly receiving random visits by strangers at her home and "verbal threats" at her workplace.

Skolopad told TshisaLIVE that after several nerve-raking encounters recently, she doesn't feel safe anymore.

"I think I'm only realising how serious this is now. It's not only work that I am worried about but my house as well. There are random people just pitching up at my house at odd hours and I don't feel safe at all. In addition, I can't trust some of the people I work with now and it's getting hectic."

Skolopad, who shot to fame after gracing the Metro FM Music Awards red carpet earlier this year in a revealing yellow dress, said she had not anticipated that her fame would ever make her feel "unsafe".

The nurse explained that she approached management to help her study extra courses next year, which she believes will enable her to move to a new place where she would not be easily recognised. 

"I want to advance and do courses that will lead to my eventual diploma in nursing. The way I see it, that is the only thing that will help me move away from my current work space and location. I would go do it in Bloemfontein or Welkom. So far, we are waiting for approval but I really hope it comes through."

The entertainer has previously spoken out about conflict at her workplace, which flared after her sudden rise to fame.

"After the SAMAs, my bosses wanted to fire me at work. The matrons were happy to get rid of me at work," she said.

Skolopad said that she had met with the head of department at the hospital she worked at to try to resolve the concerns. She was told she could continue with her alter ego if she covered up.