Kid X won't trade Cashtime lesson for anything

15 November 2017 - 07:00 By TshisaLIVE
Rapper Kid X has reflected on the lessons he bagged from his Cashtime era.
Rapper Kid X has reflected on the lessons he bagged from his Cashtime era.
Image: Via Instagram

Having recently dropped a single that is making waves across Mzansi, rapper Kid X has claimed that part of his success was down to the lessons he bagged while a part of the Cashtime movement.

For a time, rapper K.O's record company was one of the biggest and most popular in South Africa, spawning merchandise alongside hit after hit. Kid X was a massive part of the label and his departure from it late last year left hip-hop lovers in Mzansi shocked.

Speaking to Fresh Breakfast team this week, Kid X said he was grateful for his time at the label and outlined the lessons he learnt from the experience.

"My time at Cashtime was actually a foundation, just in terms of where I'm at right now. I spent about five years there and the knowledge and experience that I got there from amagrootman (older brothers) is something that I couldn't trade for anything else."

Although there were rumours of bad blood between him and former boss K.O, Kid X hasn't expressed his reason for leaving publicly. Instead, he focused on the legacy the label had created.

"What we managed to accomplish in that time is that we managed to pinpoint a distinctively South African hip-hop sound."

The Aunty hitmaker said he would always appreciate the space that allowed him to be part of forming a "distinctive" authentically Mzansi hip-hop sound.

Leaving the label shortly after former stablemate Nomuzi Mabena, Kid X later teamed up with Kwesta at RapLyf Records.