'It's different this time,' says Mshoza on traditional wedding

28 November 2017 - 08:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Mshoza is on cloud nine after she got traditionally married over the weekend.
Mshoza is on cloud nine after she got traditionally married over the weekend.
Image: Via Instagram

Mshoza is enjoying newly-wedded bliss and everything that comes with being a new makoti (bride) after she traditionally tied the knot to her beau Thuthukani Mvula this past weekend. 

"Everything went well. I am happy, I mean I married a man I love and respect, who loves and respects me back," Mshoza told TshisaLIVE.

The kwaito artist shared that although her husband is "conservative" he knew who she was and loves her unconditionally.

She said unlike her other wedding, they followed the traditional processes more seriously.

"It feels different but in a good way this time. My man is very traditional and I have been doing my makoti duties. Things like wearing a doek and a towel around my waist, or waking up earlier to boil water for the uncles and stuff."

Mshoza admitted that she was a bit more "modern" in that she had helpers in her own home and lived a modern lifestyle. However, she said she was willing to take in the traditional expectations of a new bride.

"My husband is really traditional but he knows he married a "cheese girl" so he tells his family to be patient with me. But, I am also willing to grow and learn from him and his family. It's unlike my other marriage but I'll happily do some of these traditional things until my white wedding. I don't want to rush my white wedding at all, so I am doing what I need to do." 

Mshoza said she was lucky that her new in-laws still allowed her to go to work when she needs to and to do he duties as a makoti when she's home. 

The wedding planning is already underway, but Mshoza said she would take her time with planning her special day.