Major League's Bandile on anxiety: We are not robots, we go through a lot

29 November 2017 - 07:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Major League DJz Bandile has opened up about a difficult year.
Major League DJz Bandile has opened up about a difficult year.
Image: Via Bandile's Instagram

As one of the most popular DJ duos in the country, Major League DJz are used to making people dance, but are planning to soon change direction to release a song with Cassper Nyovest about the struggles of anxiety and depression.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, the group's Bandile said that after a hectic year, the group had decided to work on a project encouraging self-love and respect.

"We took a different direction this time. We are releasing something about self-love for people who struggle with anxiety and depression. It is about loving yourself before anyone else and relying on God. I just want to portray a message that a lot of people go through depression and anxiety, especially artists, and they won't say it. A lot of people like myself have had a hectic year and have gone through a lot," Bandile said.

He said that there was a period during the year when it felt like everything may come crashing down.

"A lot was happening with my businesses, taxes. I just felt like everything was coming down on me. I was just praying that things don't come down and I could keep doing what I am doing until a break would come. There was so much for me to lose. I had to keep my reputation and I was going through a lot, stressed about work. It hasn't been an easy year. It looked like an amazing year but it hasn't been an easy year."

Bandile said that he was able to deal with the stressful days through prayer and music.

"I got through it by just praying and doing what I love. It didn't kill me. We are not robots. we go through a lot. It is not always nice times," he said.

The single is part of the group's move back to music after taking some time off to organise several successful Major League Gardens music festivals.

"I feel pressure from our fans for not giving that part of our business (music) enough attention. I need to give it all the attention next year. I need to give it the attention that I used to and push until our album comes out. That is my focus at the moment."