Generations' Glen Majozi makes TV return after a decade

30 November 2017 - 13:33 By Chrizelda Kekana
Veteran actor Roderick Japhta has returned to the small screen.
Veteran actor Roderick Japhta has returned to the small screen.
Image: Via YouTube

After being out of the spotlight for over a decade, Roderick Jaftta better known as Generations' Glen Majozi returned to the small screen, and left Twitter shook by how much he's changed. 

The 54-year-old told TshisaLIVE anticipated that his return would get people talking, but knows it comes with the territory. 

Roderick's return to the small screen obviously had Twitter in a huff and of course there were tons of memes.

The actor said that he saw the memes and found it entertaining. 

"I found it very funny. My niece in Cape Town sent me screenshots of the things people were saying, comparing me to the young man who played Glen Majozi. I'm 54-years-old, so I just sit back and laugh at these things. I guess they come with the territory."

Roderick said there was a point he left the industry altogether and that when he returned he did some behind the scenes work such as directing. 

The actor's character in Generations was quite popular and kept viewers glued to the television with the love triangle involving him, Karabo Moroka (Connie Ferguson) and Vivian Majozi (played by Faye Peters).

Roderick, who recently appeared on Rhythm City, where he plays a member of a gang, went on to say that he didn't love the fact that acting came with constant public opinion. However, he said because he's content with who he is, he took everything with a pinch of salt.

"Of course this is one of the parts I don't really love about my profession but someone once said it is better to be talked about than not. So I take it as it comes, with a lot of giggles."