Prince Kaybee: I don't know all my 35 siblings' names

30 November 2017 - 07:00 By TshisaLIVE
Prince Kaybee has reflected on growing up with 35 siblings.
Prince Kaybee has reflected on growing up with 35 siblings.
Image: Via Prince Kaybee's Instagram

Musician Prince Kaybee has reflected on being one of 36 kids, saying that family politics had kept him from meeting and knowing all of his siblings personally.

In an interview on Trending SA this week, Prince Kaybee was if he knew all of his siblings, Kaybee admitted that he did not know all of their names.

He said that he hadn't met all of them until his father's funeral where they were all called up on stage together.

"There is politics, guys. I only met them, all of them, when the pastor at my dad's funeral said: 'all the kids from Mr Motsamai come stand in front'. We all stood in a line. There was a team," he said.

Prince Kaybee explained that he was the last born of his father's 36 children and grew up alone with his mother because his siblings were in different homes.

He joked about having a gene that may see him have even half the amount of kids his dad did in a social media post earlier this year.

"My dad has 36 kids, they say the last born will make at least half of what the dad made if its a boy! And guess who is the last born? #Genes," he wrote.

Others have claimed that his status as last born had blessed him with his musical abilities.

But it has been a long hard road for the Charlotte hitmaker, after he dropped out of high school and left home for Johannesburg.

Speaking on Metro FM recently, Prince Kaybee said that he "hustled" on the streets and lived with friends until he made a breakthrough. He said that in those dark days when "nobody believed" in his talent he relied on his faith.

"You know how uncertain music is but when I decided that I wanted to be a DJ and producer nobody believed. All I had was God and he kept me through until now," he said.