'I have no regrets' - Inside Caiphus Semenya & Letta Mbulu's romance

01 December 2017 - 07:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Caiphus Semenya and Letta Mbulu have been together for decades.
Caiphus Semenya and Letta Mbulu have been together for decades.
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Music veterans, Caiphus Semenya and Letta Mbulu are one of the cutest couples in the industry and their love story is one of persistence and putting each other first. This has seen them win over the hearts of fans for decades. 

Speaking to TshisaLIVE recently ahead of their performance at a special concert at the State Theatre on December 17, the couple opened up about their romance and the lessons they've learnt.

We first met at a show. She was performing and my band was performing. We would be together backstage and listen to each other when we performed. Over time we spoke and there was chemistry - Caiphus

My first thoughts when I met her was that she was an incredible artist. We connected immediately but there was also a respect. I respected her as an artist and I think she saw something similar in me- Caiphus 

Our first date was at a movie theatre in Durban. We went to go watch King Kong. We had spoken before and we got along well but that was our first real date. Even now it is perhaps one of my favourite memories - Letta

I asked her: 'would you like to go to a movie with me?' She was reluctant at first but she said 'okay'. We really enjoyed it - Caiphus 

I knew I could be in love when he threw an apple at me on a train. It was a massive green apple and he threw it from the compartment he was into mine. It was like a movie but it was so real. We each bit a piece of the apple and there was fireworks that were flying - Letta

I can't remember our first kiss because it has always been about the connection with the person. I don't remember where I met him or how I kissed him - Letta

I also don't remember . It was such a long time ago and there was a lot of things going on at the time and we just had eyes for each other - Caiphus 

My favourite date was our first but I also liked our trip to the botanical gardens in Cape Town. We sat on brown paper and had chocolates. It was nice. It was warm and we were just talking sweet nothings. It was nice - Letta

What I love most about him is that I can speak to him. We communicate very well and speak about everything . We are political animals and analyse everything under the sun - Letta

Everybody fights but the key is to try to understand where the person is coming from. There are so many factors that influence a human being and their situation and you have to understand that. The bottom line is we love and respect each other and we go back to that when we disagree so that we don't take it any further than it needs to go - Caiphus 

The most expensive gift he ever gave me was my children. They bring me so much happiness -Letta

The most expensive gift she ever gave me was love - Caiphus

If I could go back to when we were younger I wouldn't change a thing. I have no regrets- Letta