Oskido on explaining those tabloid headlines to his kids

01 December 2017 - 11:15
By TshisaLIVE
Oskido reveals that one of the pitfalls of fame is the negative headlines.
Image: Via Instagram Oskido reveals that one of the pitfalls of fame is the negative headlines.

Being one of the most-loved DJs in Mzansi with a career that spans over 30 years has been both fulfilling and challenging for Oskido. 

During an interview with the Fresh Breakfast team, Oskido said that one of the hardest parts of being in the spotlight was explaining the tabloid headlines to his children. 

The music mogul said that people often don't consider how accusations made against celebrities affect those close to them. 


"As long as my career has been, I've been on a lot of papers over the years. It's very hard as a father to have to explain some of the headlines to my kids, I remember, one time this girl said that I stabbed her and like beat her up and my daughter came to me to ask, 'hey dad I heard you stabbed someone is it true'. It was difficult. Sometimes these people don't think about how these stories affect our families."

Even though explaining the negative reports to his kids, he has an open relationship with them so they know they can ask him about anything. The father added that as he's grown older, he's learnt to appreciate his children more. 

"In this industry, there are a lot of fake people, which makes me appreciate my children more because I know they are real with me. I love spending time with them and it is a priority to me."

Oskido has been a leader in the music industry for nearly three decades and as the music mogul prepares to celebrate his 50th birthday, he told TshisaLIVE that he has no plans to move behind the scenes permanently or retire.

"If Ma Miriam Makeba died at 76 on stage, who the hell is Oskido to retire? Bra Hugh (Masekela) is still going on and reaching his 80s. Music is my game and so if I retire...I will only retire when God decides to take me to heaven. I can't leave music because it is my craft."