Khayakazi Kula on how heartbreak changed her life

06 December 2017 - 08:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Actress Khayakazi Kula found her calling after her man dumped her.
Actress Khayakazi Kula found her calling after her man dumped her.
Image: Via Instagram

Most people can look back at one particular moment that changed the course of their lives and for The Queen actress Khayakazi Kula, it was a massive heartbreak that forced her to relocate and meet her destiny in Johannesburg.

"I always loved acting and excelled at it from a young age, but I never thought it would be my career. I went to MSC and studied Media Studies, but dropped out because of a broken heart... it's a long story," she said before breaking into a lengthy laugh.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE Khayakazi said, now in retrospect, she could laugh about her experience but admits that at the time nothing made sense.

Khayakazi fell head over heels in love with a guy just as she began her studies in PE.  But after he told her "it was not working out" she was left shattered and dropped out.

"We were good all along until he just stopped calling, then I realised something was wrong. I went to his room unexpectedly and he said he was glad to see me because he's been wanting to tell me he doesn't think we have a future. Look, he wasn't my first boyfriend, but I felt like he was the love of my life and I was shattered."

The actress said she had missed all the signs and proceeded to introduce the guy to her family because, in her head, they were going to grow old together.

A week after the break up, Khayakazi went to her mother and explained that she was planning to relocate to Johannesburg. Although her mother initially tried to talk her out of it, her mind was made up.

"Looking back it was a blessing in disguise because I ended up right what I should have been all along."

Her move to Joburg, which she believes was meant to be, saw her sign to an agency upon arrival even though she was studying PR at University Of Johannesburg. However her calling was too loud for her to ignore and before she knew it, all her energy was focused on becoming a better actor. In 2011 she had her "big" break on SABC 1 drama Intsika.

There was no turning back from that point as she went on to feature in productions such as Tshisa, Soul City and Broken Vows.

The actress now plays Martha on the popular Mzansi Magic telenovela The Queen.

Although the journey hasn't been easy, Khayakazi is grateful for the way her life turned out.