Moshe Ndiki gushes about his new gigs The Queen & Uyang'thanda Na?

08 December 2017 - 08:30 By Chrizelda Kekana
Moshe Ndiki wants to slay in his new roles on The Queen and host of Uyang'thanda Na?
Moshe Ndiki wants to slay in his new roles on The Queen and host of Uyang'thanda Na?
Image: Via Instagram

After beginning with YouTube vlogs and minor presenting gigs, Moshe Ndiki has finally bagged his first big acting role on popular telenovela The Queen. It doesn't stop there though! He'll also be hosting the new season of  Uyang'thanda Na?

"There's nothing more amazing than doing what you love. It's like studying accounting and getting your first job at PricewaterhouseCoopers. The Queen is huge and Uyang'thanda Na? is the type of show I've always wanted to present."

Although Moshe has already introduced his presenting skills on Vuzu Amp's late night talk show The V-Table and smaller gigs on MTV Africa, he hadn't bagged a big acting role as yet.

He said he believes he is the perfect fit for Uyang'thanda Na? because everything came so naturally to him.

The vlogger said even though he studied to become an actor, having a breakout role on one of the most watched series in Mzansi was a big deal for him. He said he initially had difficulties bringing his character to life.

"I struggled with my character. I couldn't find him in me at the beginning because we are from completely different worlds. So I went home after the first two shoots, sat down and made notes. I then called Mam'Connie (Connie Ferguson) and she said we'll have a sit down and go over them. When we did, she really held my hand and helped me."

Moshe said after the sit down with Connie, he slayed his next scene and it was confirmed when Connie said to him "You found him."

Although Moshe couldn't reveal a lot of details about his character, he told TshisaLIVE that his character is pro Harriet Khoza (the matriarch in the story played by Connie Ferguson) and anti Gracious Mabuza (Rami Chuene).

All he's willing to say is that his character, Prince, is going to stir up some trouble and is set to make an appearance before the year ends.

The show will return on Wednesday January 10, 2018.