Year in Review: Tumi Morake stands tall after on-air racial storm

21 December 2017 - 12:00
By TshisaLIVE
Tumi Morake faced her challenges head-on.
Image: Via Instagram Tumi Morake faced her challenges head-on.

Just three months after Tumi Morake took the hot seat as co-anchor on Jacaranda FM's breakfast show, her character was tested when a discussion about Afrikaans singer, Steve Hofmeyr turned into a racial spat. 

It all started back in June when Tumi and co-host, Martin Bester started a discussion about one of Steve's concerts in New Zealand being canned amidst calls of boycott. 

During the discussion Tumi revealed how ever since she had joined the show, she received racist comments about her ability to host it. 

"You are the most annoying person on radio...please resign and go to the bush," read one of the messages.

The topic of discussion irked some listeners, who accused Tumi of hate speech because of comments she made about about being a proudly black voice, and about the lasting impact apartheid had. 

"Be honest about how it disturbs you that there is a black voice that stands up and acknowledges its blackness. We want to move on to a non-racial South Africa. My lived experience is that I do get treated first and seen first as a black woman then as a South African. Being pro-black doesn't automatically mean I am anti-white. I was very clear on that," she said at the time. 

Even though there were calls of boycott from listeners, Tumi held her head high and stood unapologetically tall through the debacle. 

"I have remained quiet for the past few days and watched things spiral out of control. Hate begets hate, let's not perpetuate it...I stand by my statements. Unapologetically. The station stands by my statements. South Africa is a diverse country with many different viewpoints, which matter," she said.

In November Tumi received vindication after The Broadcasting Complaints Commission (BCCSA) ruled in her favour and dismissed all accusations of hate speech against her. 

While Tumi did not comment on the ruling, in the end she emerged victorious and through it all stood firm on her views.