Refilwe Modiselle hits back at 'bleaching' hate

22 December 2017 - 09:48 By Karishma Thakurdin
A social media user insulted Refilwe Modiselle.
A social media user insulted Refilwe Modiselle.
Image: Via Instagram

Model Refilwe Modiselle has lifted the lid on the kind of hate she gets from social media users on a daily basis, after a person insulted her for "bleaching" her skin. 

Refilwe who has albinism shared a screenshot of the conversation she had with one follower, who called her a "b**ch". 

"WTF this b**ch bleaching her skin for? So damn disgusting," wrote the person. 

Refilwe tackled the person with a firm yet stinging reply. 

"Your mother wouldn't take lightly to a son who addresses women that way, second to that it seems you can't tell the difference between that of a bleached person's skin vs albinism. If you were not so ignorant that would have not been your first thought." 

Refilwe said she has chosen to tackle the hate head-on because it creates angry and broken people. She said she would rather educate people than turn a blind eye. 

"I'm just grateful God has made me an extremely strong woman because things like this end up creating angry, broken people because of such torment & worse....but I've chosen to educate & constantly stay in being the woman I am."