All the times 2017 said 'Yena aya kwini?' to Babes Wodumo

07 January 2018 - 08:00 By TshisaLIVE
2017 just wasn't Babes Wodumo's year.
2017 just wasn't Babes Wodumo's year.
Image: Lesley Mofokeng /Sowetan.

We should have guessed after the #MampintshaChallenge in February that 2017 had a lot of lemons for self-proclaimed gqom queen Babes Wodumo.  And wuuu shem,  the poor girl really didn't have the best year.

Last year, Babes Wodumo was dubbed the national treasure for giving Mzansi a December anthem and she wrote the wave right into January 2017. But February brought with it the first of many low blows life would give Babes Wodumo's blossoming career.

In no chronological order, here are the moments in 2017 where Babes was hit with "Yena aya kwini? (Where were you going?)

Walking away empty handed at all major award ceremonies in Mzansi

There is no denying Wololo remains 2016's biggest track, which must be the reason Babes and partner in crime, Mampintsha were super angry when she kept losing all the awards she was nominated in. 

Oh, and then there were their rants. #NinomonaNina #Qhubekani

Then dololo visa made her miss not one, but two international award ceremonies!

After the dololo award storm blew over, Babes got some good news! She bagged a nomination in the Best International Act: Africa category at the BET Awards. However, her joy was short lived after delays in applying for a visa caused her to miss the ceremony in the US.

All was not lost as Babes went on to bag another international nod in October, this time at the EMAs. But clearly the first lesson didn't stick... she missed those ones too. #Awks

Babes wised up for a minute and got a PR company. But not for long

After all the admin related problems Babes had faced, her fans were relieved to hear she got a PR company to help manage her brand. It was announced in June that she joined African Star Communications. But it wasn't meant to be because Babes "dumped" (or they dumped her) in late July.

The nation was forced to start a #HandOffOurBabesWodumo campaign

We know the two are inseparable (the guy features in every song on her album) but they have insisted that they are not an item. Babes' fans had to threaten her with boycotts as they asked that she leave Mampintsha alone, who they feel "always hogs her spotlight". 

"I don't have time. No time for nonsense. They always say that, but I don't listen because I am always busy. I am too busy conquering the world," he told TshisaLIVE in response.

She even had to "prove" that she can actually sing

Then Twitter mocked her weaves 

Babes announced that she was planning on releasing her own range of weaves. While some were supportive of her new business venture, the news didn't sit well with others.

 Let's wrap up...

In conclusion (or until further notice), Babes also teased Mzansi with a reality show that turned out to be just a dreeeeam *insert Nelly's song here*

Babes had told Sunday Tribune the one-season only reality show would start filming soon but the channel she mentioned it would air on denied any knowledge of the show.

Also, who can forget when Babes asked the whole country to help locate a USB and send a link so she can delete her song?

Hai.. it's been rough guys.