Five cool things about Daily Show's new African correspondent Loyiso Madinga

11 January 2018 - 09:39
By Chrizelda Kekana
Loyiso Madinga is The Daily Show's new African correspondent.
Image: Via Loyiso's Instagram Loyiso Madinga is The Daily Show's new African correspondent.

The Daily Show host Trevor Noah has hand-picked up-and-coming comedian Loyiso Madinga to be the show's African correspondent. 

Loyiso was selected to join The Daily Show team for his award-winning comedy and conversation skills.

"As wild as Donald Trump is for America, many countries around the world have Trumps of their own and since The Daily Show is in many countries, we thought, why not give each country a chance to show off their stable geniuses?" said Trevor. 

Loyiso said he was excited to be a voice for local satire and help break stereotypical perceptions of the continent. 

The young comedian's first field report from the ANC elective conference will debut in Africa on Comedy Central on Thursday, January 11 at 9.30pm. 

If you have not heard of Loyiso before, here's some cool facts about him: 

• He hails from a little village in the Eastern Cape.

• The young comedian left a career in advertising to follow his passion for comedy. 

• He won the Graça Comedy Showdown in 2012 (just three shows after his debut) and the 2014 Savanna Newcomer Award. 

• He's been making people laugh on Bantu Hour.

• Loyiso is currently the promo voice of Comedy Central.