Major League DJz complain about no support from government

11 January 2018 - 12:50 By Chrizelda Kekana
Major League DJz plans to keep rocking with or without help from people in power.
Major League DJz plans to keep rocking with or without help from people in power.
Image: Via instagram

After numerous successful concerts, Major League DJz has some strong views about the lack of support from government towards musicians.  

In a series of tweets the DJs reflected on how their efforts to bring thousands of people together seemed to go unnoticed by government. 

"We bring the youth together in its numbers (thousands) come hail or snow...literally. Not once has any government department or anyone of sort supported us."

The pair went on to recall that Mandela once said people doing "extraordinary" things should receive support.

The DJs plan events that are often highlights on the social calendar.  

Major League Gardens has become one of the most popular music festivals in the country but has also become a target for thugs, who have sometimes spoilt the day by mugging and assaulting concertgoers outside of the venue.

In addition, security fears also led to the postponement of a Major League All Black party in Soweto in May amidst protests in the community last year.

The pair added that they were not necessarily after monetary support but could be supported in other ways, like with infrastructure and police assistance. 

However, despite the challenges they plan to "rock" with or without the support. 

Songstress K Naomi offered the DJs some words of encouragement, saying the twins have done well without the help and should continue because they have great support from fans.