REVIEW: Kwesta serves every kind of spirit in new music video

12 January 2018 - 11:15 By Chrizelda Kekana
The anticipated music video for Kwesta and Wale's Spirit is finally available for fans to enjoy.
The anticipated music video for Kwesta and Wale's Spirit is finally available for fans to enjoy.
Image: Via Kwesta Instagram

As far as the standard of music videos go, South Africa has been raising the bar in the last couple of years and Kwesta's music video for his hit track, Spirit featuring US rapper Wale may have just kicked it up to another level.

The single, which is from Kwesta's upcoming album, dropped in 2017 to massive acclaim. 

It speaks about the resilient spirit of South African people and the visuals in the video do Kwesta's message justice.

The music video is packed with images and may come across as clustered if one does not pay attention.

Because of the many ways the term 'spirit' can be interpreted, there were many directions Kwesta could have taken and he explored a few. The rapper attempts to show what 'spirit' means to South Africans and where we get that from.

There are images of water baptisms, different religious groups and traditional healers. Kwesta shows off his kasi and highlights some of the social issues SA has faced and one of the scenes shows a young man burning the old Apartheid flag.

There are hustlers, taxi drivers, spaza shop owners and every day people working hard for their families in the video. 

Then you see other images of young people with their vodkas (spirit, see what he did there?) and nguds (of course that would be in there).

Kwesta also wears the number 11 jersey with Ngobese written on the back, in memory of late soccer player Emmanuel 'Scara' Ngobese. Scara was a soccer star from the rapper's hood and was a kasi hero to many including Kwesta.

However, the music video doesn't lose its hip-hop flair. Kwesta still gives you kasi swag with a cool sports car and some bling for the culture.

#SpiritMusicVideo is clearly one for the books!

Watch the music video here:

Music video by Kwesta performing Spirit. (C) 2018 Sony Music Entertainment Africa (Pty) Ltd, under exclusive licence from Urbantainment