LISTEN: Mfundi Vundla calls Generations 16 saga 'stupid'

15 January 2018 - 09:53
By Chrizelda Kekana
Mfundi Vundla's latest interview has opened old wounds for SA actors.
Image: Via YouTube Mfundi Vundla's latest interview has opened old wounds for SA actors.

Generations' creator Mfundi Vundla has come under fire from actors, after he dubbed the Generations 16 saga "stupid" and questioned the success of actors, who were sacked from the soapie.

Mfundi said in an interview with Phemelo Motene on 702 that he was a target and the actors' "anger" was misdirected because "royalties are not his business." 

In 2014, 16 of the soapie's lead actors were fired after they embarked on a strike and refused to return to work. The actors aired their grievances with the soapie and demanded better salaries, an extension on their contracts and royalties from episodes which had been rebroadcast.

"Look, some of those people, who their careers were really jumping...where are they today? Most of them really...where are they? I mean they were on an upward trajectory, on a show that was doing really well. The whole thing was stupid and that's sad," Mfundi said.

He added that it was all in the past and he would rather "forget the 16 and move on."

Actor and musician, Anga Makubalo who was one of the actors that was fired came out guns blazing against Mfundi's comments. 

Anga labelled Mfundi a "joke" and listed the shows he's since featured on. 

Other actors and members of the industry, including Thami Mngqolo also shared their "disgust" over Mfundi's comments. 

Almost three years since being fired from Generations‚ actress Zikhona Sodlaka told TshisaLIVE in 2017 that they are still on a quest to get what is “rightfully theirs” from the producers of the soapie. 

“So we are dealing with a business where we must work morally. The producer has a moral obligation to be transparent [about the money] but no legal obligation to do so.

“So until there’s a law and it is legislated‚ it’s difficult to take the ‘unfair’ producer to a court of law. That is why you can’t pay a maid or a teller R1000 but you can do that to an actor. That is why our fight as Generations 16 is still ongoing.”

Listen to Mfundi's full interview here: