First People's Bae, now Helen Zille -Pearl Thusi dragged for being 'fake deep'

17 January 2018 - 11:06 By Kyle Zeeman
Pearl Thusi took on Helen Zille in a tweet on Tuesday.
Pearl Thusi took on Helen Zille in a tweet on Tuesday.
Image: Via Instagram

Just hours after causing a frenzy on social media for her feud with the EFF, actress Pearl Thusi has once again come under fire for taking shots at politicians.

As the internet still reeled from a stinging message sent to Pearl by EFF spokesperson Dr. Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, who described her as a "ANC self-hating mascot", the star took to Twitter to respond to Helen Zille's comments about infrastructure during Apartheid.

In the tweet Pearl told Helen the people were more interested in getting back their land. 

While some followers applauded Pearl for her comments, many believed that she was trying to score points with the EFF and looking for attention. 

Pearl sparked a feud with the EFF this week after some of its members stormed H&M stores across the country over the weekend in protest over a 'racist advert' that featured a black child with the saying, "coolest monkey in the jungle". 

In social media messages she accused the EFF of inciting "violence and fear" and "misrepresenting all of us as savages".

Mbuyiseni hit back at Pearl, accusing her of adopting the "oppressor's language".

"ANC self-hating mascot who believes blacks with stones fighting oppression are savages. It would be a waste of breath to show her that she's adopted the oppressor's language to describe blacks," he said.